Use Other People’s Traffic to Build a List

Outcome of Following My Method

I end up with the first comment spot on popular blogs with relevant thought out comments that get instant exposure and traffic. All from a blog that has a similar market, but different industry or non-competitor. Click on any of them to go to the post. All of the posts are worth reading or watching.

5 Keys To Thrive_1260984876281
13 X-Mas Gifts That Can Change (or Save) Your Life_1260981337500
Book Launch 101- Media Hijinks, Amazon Timing, and VIP Treatment for You_1260981488423
Mass Control » State Of The Internet Address_1260984616152
Random – Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss’ Top 3 Travel Spots_1260981441010
Mass Control » The Magic Formula Revealed_1260984819203
No More Excuses – How to Make an Extra $100,000 in the Next 6 Months_1260981414885

How to Do It

Step 1

Identify at least 6 blogs in your niche or general niche that have a 100,000 or better Alexa rank. You do this because we need visitors and traffic with this technique. Get Alexa Sparky for Firefox to check quickly.

Step 2

Setup an account with a service called It is completely free and easy to sign up. Follow the steps and setup your cell phone and instant messaging service. This is how I know exactly when new posts are up.

Step 3

Now, add the blogs that you identified to your account. This will now tell you whenever one of these blogs have a new post on them so that you can be the first to know.

Step 4

At this point, it’s time to jump on that post and get that comment up. I typically scan through the article or skip through the video picking up the key points. Then I make a thought out response to it trying to add value for the visitors of the blog. These guys are giving you the opportunity to guest write on their blog. Make it worth reading.

Worth Noting

Remember that these visitors are making the decision of whether to go to your site based on that comment. If your comment looks spammy, then it doesn’t matter where it’s located because no one will care. Quality matters a lot with this strategy.

That’s it. Last thing that I would like to point out is that you don’t necessarily need to be the one to do this. If you can outsource this task, then do it. Works great if you have a team of assistants that know your market. You can even hire a college student to do this for you and they do a great job.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this strategy please let me know below. Hope you are happy with your decision to trust me.

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  • Brendan Wenzel 12/16/2009, 3:12 pm Reply

    How to Be the First Commenter on Any Blog [Report]

  • Cedar 12/16/2009, 2:37 pm Reply

    Link didn't work.

  • Leader4hire 12/16/2009, 3:15 pm Reply

    Excellent. However, I will be really disappointed if I find out, after subscribing that you have employed santa's helpers to refresh these sites until new posts.

    Seriously, great idea here. Look forward to seeing what makes this work.


  • Brendan Wenzel 12/16/2009, 3:20 pm Reply

    Not quite, but that would be funny.

  • Emmanuel Inyang 12/16/2009, 3:40 pm Reply

    Just Read the Report. If I were to Describe it in a word, that word would be “Awesome”
    This is really Worth More than an email Address.

    If you're looking for a Fast and Easy Method to building Backlinks and getting loads of traffic then you need to Read This – Really, I would sell this for $47 If I were Brendan. ;)


  • Brendan Wenzel 12/16/2009, 3:41 pm Reply

    Thanks man. I thought about selling it, but decided in the Christmas spirit to share it for free. Glad that you enjoyed it Emmanuel.

  • Bradley Will 12/16/2009, 5:25 pm Reply

    RT @BrendanWenzel How to Be the First Commenter on Any Blog [Report]

  • Davidbeking 12/16/2009, 5:49 pm Reply

    Sweet! I know you get a ton of traffic doing this… your the king of this! Thanks for sharing bro! :)


  • Brendan Wenzel 12/16/2009, 6:25 pm Reply

    You're welcome David.

  • Dennis Edell 12/16/2009, 6:42 pm Reply

    Hey Brenden, I just saw you over at Simons and figured I'd drop in. This isn't handy for me I'm afraid, but others seem to like it lots. :)

    I would like to ask you to enable the email feature to your feedburner account so I can subscribe to your blog.

  • Brendan Wenzel 12/16/2009, 6:56 pm Reply

    Thanks Dennis. I activated it. Didn't even know that existed.

  • Dennis Edell 12/16/2009, 7:19 pm Reply

    Thanks, I'm subscribed.

    I hear that a lot, but I tell ya what. Make it known that it's available and you will see a rise in subscriptions. ;)

  • ✔ Emmanuel Inyang 12/16/2009, 8:16 pm Reply

    RT @BrendanWenzel: How to Be the First Commenter on Any Blog [Report]

  • ✔ Emmanuel Inyang 12/16/2009, 8:34 pm Reply

    How to Get Loads of Traffic to your Blog with a New Technique. – Awesome Post! (You Should See This)

  • Bradley Will 12/16/2009, 10:25 pm Reply

    RT @BrendanWenzel How to Be the First Commenter on Any Blog [Report]

  • daneblogger 12/17/2009, 1:36 am Reply

    Just downloaded the report. Going to read it today!

  • Mikkel Juhl 12/17/2009, 1:39 am Reply

    Well thought it was a pdf report. Anyway just read it and well yeah it sounds quite awesome – yet so simple. Worth trying at least!

  • henrikblunck 12/17/2009, 2:15 am Reply

    Well, your strategies are interesting. I guess I take the opposite opinion. I don't care whether I'm #1 or #5, but I do make an effort to always bring valuable feedback when I do comment.

    But a good way to reap some e-mail adresses… :-) q

  • Deepika 12/17/2009, 2:25 am Reply

    good work Brenden…. i have subscribed to that…

    today only i checked the results of the “My “Giving Thanks” Web Design Giveaway “… i am happy that i won it… how i can get the prize? can you provide me those details.?

  • Brendan Wenzel 12/17/2009, 9:38 am Reply

    The reason to be first is in the numbers. On google, the first result gets way more clicks than the 2nd. Same principle here. If you are the 5th commenter, your comment won't be viewed as much.

  • Brendan Wenzel 12/17/2009, 2:51 pm Reply

    It really is simple. All I did was take tools out there and apply them in a new way. Try it and I promise you'll be happy with the results.

  • Brendan Wenzel 12/17/2009, 2:52 pm Reply

    Thank you for checking it out. And I sent you an email about the giveaway prize.

  • Jerry 12/21/2009, 3:42 pm Reply

    Looks pretty cool, hope to see it work!

  • Brendan Wenzel 01/24/2010, 2:25 pm Reply

    Any results yet Jerry? Interested in hearing.

  • Thomas Grow 12/15/2010, 1:41 pm Reply

    I never saw this post… cool stuff Brendan. Can’t wait to see the ebook.