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What’s been happening? I’ve been going through a lot of changes in my life and business over the last 6 months. It’s been one wild and exciting ride. One of my biggest goals is to travel around the world and creating a successful business while doing it.

The crazy thing is how Ori figured it out…. This guy for the last five years has been traveling around the world by staying on peoples’ couches… not because he’s homeless, but because he likes to really get to know new people.

He’s gotten to stay with Tony Hsieh (CEO of, Jason Moffatt, Kate Buck Jr, Perry Belcher, Matt Bacak, and many other well respected names in business.

While many people pay $10,000 for a 1/2 day with these people, Ori gets to stay with them for a few weeks at a time, and really pick their brains.

In fact, Ori actually came down to couch surfed with me in Costa Rica in December of last year. We brainstormed a lot.. His unique resources and processes gave me a completely new way of looking at things.

Since then, he’s spent months putting everything that was in his head into an easy to understand guide to WordPress. He’ll show you how to stretch the legs of your WordPress powered sites and make them really functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Being someone that works with WordPress on a daily basis, he covers almost every major aspect of WordPress that many guides completely glance over. Could you find all this information for free from searching on Google? Sure you could. That’s how I did it. But it also took me years to learn a lot of the things that I never knew I didn’t know. You can avoid all that by letting Ori show you how to crush it with WordPress.

Just as added proof, this is what I gave my Mom and sister to learn WordPress. After all the calls and questions, it was time that they learn for themselves how to fix things. I’m even beginning to give my clients a copy so they can make changes quickly on their own without breaking the site.

Go check out his video now

Posted on 08/06/2011 in Marketing Business, Travel

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It’s all about the surfing for me. One of the biggest reason that I first wanted to get into the internet marketing world is to be able to surf as much as possible. And that’s what lead me to live in Costa Rica where I can surf almost every single day of week.

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    You are the first one to provide me this valuable information. Thanks. I will certainly like to try this.


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