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Why It’s So Important to Use Opengraph

With Facebook’s new look for article shares, controlling the image used is becoming more and more important. The new optimum image to use for Opengraph is 600px x 315px. It can be larger, but shouldn’t be any smaller! Using an optimized image here will highly increase the click through rate every time someone likes your…

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Creating the Abundance Mindset with the Team

My team got together yesterday for a hangout to discuss creating the abundance mindset and getting to the next level in our businesses. Here’s the replay of that hangout for you guys. Join the Team Today

Help Me Accomplish a HUGE Goal

It’s only $25 and you can help me accomplish a long time goal of being up on stage in front of thousands. In return for helping me, I’m going to help you build up a Facebook community just like I’ve done with I Love Surfing (24,000 Likes and Climbing).

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Raising Money for SurfRider Chapters Worldwide

Remember to get a hold of me after your sign up to let me know where you’d like your $25 donated.

Trash in the Ocean

How We Can Help the Ocean While Building an Online Business

Today, more than ever, we need charities/groups like the Surfrider Foundation or local groups like Heal the Bay. Our oceans are in danger from all fronts. You’ve got pollution going in from industry, trash being left on beaches, big oil (Keep Hermosa Hermosa) and so on. We need to have these organizations fully funded and…

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